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Building consensus for novel approaches


As head of the Equal Opportunities & Diversity Office at Zurich University of the Arts, Patricia Felber is responsible for introducing equality measures, for conducting awareness-raising campaigns and for undertaking projects aimed at ensuring a discrimination-free and equal opportunity environment. Offerings include providing advice and support to staff and students on a range of issues: reconciling work and family responsibilities, studying with disabilities, discrimination, career guidance and mentoring programmes.


Much of her current role involves raising awareness. She observes, asks the right questions and mediates between different parties. From experience, she knows how important networking is. A good example is the newly developed platform forming diversity, which makes visible artistic projects, scientific work and experts and thus actively promotes dialogue and exchange.


Patricia also enjoys contributing her broad knowledge of equal opportunity issues, higher education policy and the promotion of young academics as a panelist or as a moderator of academic discussions. She welcomes lively debate on topics and issues related to her interests. Patricia has also to passed on her knowledge and experience as a mentor of master’s students and doctoral candidates. From 2013 to 2018, she coordinated the VetMENT mentoring programme at the University of Bern’s Vetsuisse Faculty.


“The greatest progress happens when the right people sit together and seek consensus.”




Knowledge Transfer



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Patricia Felber
Dr. phil.-nat.

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